Local Suicide, Curses – Magia EP

Artists: Local Suicide & Curses
Title: Magia EP
Label: TUSK Wax
Cat No: TUSK028
Format: 12″
Release Date: March 22, 2019


Side A
01. Local Suicide and Curses – Magia
02. Local Suicide and Curses – It All Sounds The Same

Side B
03. Local Suicide and Curses – Walk With Me
04. Local Suicide and Curses – Secret Friends

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12″: BandcampUnearthed, OYEHHVRed Eye RecordsJuno RecordsDeejay.deDecks.de, Out Of Joints Records

EP Info:

The diverse UK-based white label imprint Tusk Wax is releasing four heavy-fueled cold wave-tinged space disco cuts courtesy of Berliners Local Suicide and Curses. While 2019 has already seen killer releases for sub-labels Trance Wax and the newly-formed 90s Wax, the new collaborative EP marks the infamous parent label’s 28th release and comes on the back of a run of fantastic electro-tinged house and techno records from the likes of Younger Than Me and Pixelife.

Born and raised in New York City, Curses is known for combining elements of new wave, industrial, and psychedelic synth-music with a distinctly DIY punk ethos. Curses maintains a busy release schedule, with EPs on labels such as Bordello A Parigi, Throne Of Blood, and Ombra International, as well as releasing his hotly anticipated debut album, Romantic Fiction, last year on Dischi Autunno.

A collaboration between Curses and the otherworldly ‘technodisco’ duo Local Suicide seems all too natural, as both artists are known for exploring dark elements of acid-inspired deep space disco. The prolific Berlin duo has recently co-produced other scorching records with the likes of Theus Mago, Mijo, Rodion and Franz Matthews, and have released on innovative synth-focused labels such as Bordello a Parigi, Duro and Eskimo Recordings.
‘Magia’, a seductive slice of silky cold wave meets slo-mo disco, kicks off the EP in a chilling fashion. Mystical vocals delivered in both Greek and Italian, spacey synths and flutters of synthesized percussion eventually give way to a huge psychedelic breakdown. In the latter stages, an alien acid line takes over the mix before eventually disintegrating into the ether, as if swallowed by a black hole. The psychedelic vibes continue on the A-side with the driving Italo cut ‘It All Sounds The Same’. Huge riffs, desert melodies, reverberated vocals and wolf howls all combine to great effect on this new wave belter.

On the flip, the percussive ‘Walk With Me’ combines warped leads, sultry vocals and a chugging bassline with machine-driven clavs and claps to create a richly textured, tripped out, acid house mutation. Final track ‘Secret Friends’ closes the EP in suitably freaky fashion, with horror-theme melodies, reversed cymbals, unnerving vocals, and processed percussive swells that dominate the mix. Like the preceding tracks, ‘Secret Friends’ manages to connect the dots between new wave, disco, and techno, in the process producing moments of pure euphoria in equal measures with sheer horror.

Tusk Wax 28 will be released on March 22nd as 500 hand stamped, 12″ records.

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Print Coverage:
Oci Mag, Faze Mag, Faze Mag, Sonic Seducer

Online Coverage & Reviews:
theransomnote.com, XLR8R.comitsonmag.com, discobelle.com, chemistrybetweenuscoulddestroy.com, theclubmap.com, ocimagazine.es, 303magazine.com,

Radio Airplay:
Zip.FM, Agora FM, Artefaktor Radio, Noods RadioRinse FM, Test FM, Ouest Track Radio, Radio X, Campus FM, Foutour Moderne, Ibiza Global Radio, SRF CH, KCRW Berlin

Podcasts / Mixes:
Roe Deers, Curses, Volt Magazine, Kiara Scuro, Skelesys, Roe Deers, Anton Berezin, Jesse Holborn, Csk, Umwelt, Frankey & Sandrino, Absurd, Mixhell, Niv Ast, Andres Komatsu, Kleiton Bassi, Javier MTZ, Leonor, Colossio, Leonor, Yann Eras, John Buergin, Moderna

Selected DJ Quotes:

„Yes!“ – Tiga
Great stuff guys“ – Mixhell
Super cool“ – Solar
Sweet EBM. Thanks“ – Vladimir Ivkovic
Loving all 4 cuts“ – My Favorite Robot
Dope“ – Perel
Top Class release“ – Damon Jee
These are all wicked“ – Cabaret Nocturne
Great EP“ – Tronik Youth

Selected Press Quotes:

„Simply titled Tusk Wax 28, the EP, much like each artist’s respective back catalogs, explores the darker end of the electronic spectrum, mining the sleazy allure of new wave of post-punk and fusing it with modern disco and techno tropes. Each of the four cuts provides a different take on this aesthetic, from the stoned cold-wave grooves of „Magia“ to the more driving „It All Sounds The Same,“ the chugging and sultry „Walk With Me,“ and the sinister new-wave-techno fusion of „Secret Friends.XLR8R

„…new wave meets Italo laced with signature low strung guitar and wistful vocals. A great collaboration that we hope to see more of in future.“ The Ransom Note

„…steadfast and seductive piece of slo-mo disco with spaced out synths and eerie vocals that wouldn’t be out of place in an 80’s horror movie“ Discobelle

„..the 4-track record finds the artists doing what they do best, which is pump out dark and husky disco, hedi EBM, acid and synth wave, all spawned with a post punk sensibility. A complete soundtrack to late hour clubbing in Berlin..“ Colorising

Supported By:

Dixon, Tiga, Solar, Âme, Marcel Dettman, Vladimir Ivkovic, Silicon Soul, Damon Jee, Leri Ahel, My Favorite Robot, Perel, Alexi Delano, Acid Washed, Carl Craig, ROTCIV, Skelesys, Red Axes, I-Robots, Erol Alkan, Craig Bratley, Radio Slave, Tronik Youth, Mixhell, Maceo Plex, Cabaret Nocturne, Justine, Ilario Alicante, Gabriel Ferreira, Markantonio, Tulioxi, Raphael Dincsoy, Paul Ritch, Moderna, Naduve, Hybrasil, Simon lebon, My Favorite Robot, Mystery Affair, Johnson, Cannibal Ink, Third Son, Sexy Lazer, Beaner, You Man, Last Waltz

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