Kalipo, Local Suicide – Dominator EP



Artists:             Kalipo & Local Suicide
Title:                 Dominator EP
Label:               Hold Your Ground
Distribution:   The Orchard
Cat No:             HYG0014
Format:            Digital
Release Date:  February 5th, 2020

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EP Info:
You run, your heart beats fast. You are breathing heavy, but steady. The surge of adrenaline makes you feel like you could do this forever. Awake, alert, excited or maybe a little scared of what’s going to happen. You can feel sweat on the small of you back and goosebumps on your forearms. It’s finally happening and it’s happening under your terms. You got it. “Dominator” by Kalipo & Local Suicide is an electro anthem full of physicality and furor, of determinedness and power. The female vocals are like the voice inside your gut that you should listen to a little more often, while the driven bassline and 80s inspired analog synths will occupy your mind and focus your thoughts. “Crocodile”, the second track of the release, is the other side of the coin – not any less definite, however more haunted and introspected in contrast. It isn’t always easy, but let’s take control and dance it out before life eats us up!

The digital double single “Dominator / Crocodile” is released on 5th February via Hold Your Ground, incl. Remixes by Theus Mago a.k.a. Bufi from Mexico City and Radial Gaze from Saint Petersburg. In Berlin, sooner or later everyone meets. Let’s find out what more there is to be expected from this producer trio!

01. Dominator
02. Crocodile
03. Dominator (Theus Mago Remix)
04. Dominator (Bufi Remix)
05. Crocodile (Radial Gaze Remix)

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Print Coverage:
FAZE (02/2020), Sonic Seducer (02/2020), Berlin In Stereo (02/2020)

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SRF Virus, MDR Sputnik, Artefaktor Radio, Byte FM, Flux FM, Piooner DJ Radio, Space RadioFM, MixpeopleFM, DinamoFM, Radio X, Oscilator, Radio Vibration, CHUO 89.1 FM / CJUM 101.5 FM / CKCU 93.1 FM, KCRW Berlin, Radio ZuSa, Rádio Radar, Rtp Antena 3, Radio X, Rádio Meo Music, Radio UcLille, Tilos Rádió, Rinse France, Radio Z, Reboot FM,  Unika FM, Soho Radio, Cosmos Radio, 102.7 FM Melbourne

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theransomnote.com, whitelight-whiteheat.com, colorising.com, psychloop.com, living-techno.com, tinnitist.com, freshguideberlin.de, soulplay.ru, comolasgrecas.com, wickedstyle.neural.it, fonotekaelectrika.com

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Spotify: Disco Suicide, Beatport Top 100 Indie Dance / Nu Disco Tracks, Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco Tracks, Klangspot Electro, DJ Deece Top TracksThis Is Chill (but lit), The Sound of German House, Sasha Carassi Vibe, Theus Mago Vibe, Future Disco: Future Sounds Friday, Local Suicide Releases & Remixes, House + Techno | New Releases, Retrotronic: Best Retro Style Dance Music, SRF VIRUS AMPÈRE PLAYLIST I 2019, – / SUMMER SE MEURT 2020
Apple Music: SRF CH Beats

Selected Press Quotes:
‚…fresh take on new wave and electronic sounds‘ Ransom Note
‚…eine Elektro-Hymne voller organischer Soundstrukturen, klanglicher Entschlossenheit und kraftvollen Melodien‘ FAZE 
‚…weaving between new wave, techno, post-punk, dark disco and more‘ Colorising
‚…electro anthem filled with physicality and furor, and the exact feeling of determinedness and power‘ Living Techno

Selected DJ Feedback:
‚great Ep‘ Back From The Wave
‚lovely‘ Moderna
‚Wow! Not even one track i do not like!‘ Italo Brutalo
‚Great Package!‘ Aera
‚Lovely stuff!‘ Sean Johnston

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Curses, Gabriel Ferreira, Johnson, Leri Ahel, Binda, FEM, Âme, JEPE, Freudenthal, Aera, Carolain Luf, Sasha Carassi, Ramon Tapia, Moderna, Franz Matthews, Timothy Clerkin, Enhe, Slam Orde, Tronik Youth, Que Sakamoto, I-Robots, Man 2.0, Emeraldia Ayakashi, Argia, R.S.T, Jamie Stevens, Belben, Ccccchaves, Maurice Bolduc, Back From The Wave, Benjamin Fehr, Thodoris Triantafillou, Raphael Dincsoy, Bomb Boutique, Italo Brutalo, Freudenthal, Nicolas Bougaieff, Aera, Carolain Luf, Gai Barone, Inigo Vontier, Colossio, Sammy W & Alex E, Chelis, Marcos In Dub, Paula Cazenave, Gameboyz, Paul Budd, Sean Johnston, Alex Delano, Rob Perte, DJ Haram, Gai Barone, Lessie Zmor, Mufti, Glowal, JEPE, Alvaro Cabana, Skelesys, Parlando, Jaroska, Qubica, Femmetastic, Vlat Jet, Leonardo Chevy, Dimta, Dimitri (UA), Each Other, Baev, Whitesquare, Theus Mago, Sasha Carassi, Solid Sounds, Riccardo Soli, Alvaro Cabana, Luca Olivotto, Cisky, Tek Harrington, DKuida, Celestino, Teniente Castillo, The Robot Scientists, Giulia Gutterer, Aimes, Vicky Montefusco, George Mihaly, The Two Mamarrachos, DKuida, Etane, Iain Mac, Guyd, Echo Babylon, BADRE, Robert Babicz, SHIR KHAN, Sareh, Moskalus, Binda, Anonymous Z, Simon Spencer, HNYLMLK

DSP Coverage & Charts:
Beatport Indie Dance Charts: #25 Dominator (Bufi Remix)
Beatport Indie Dance Charts: #44 Dominator (Theus Mago Remix)
Beatport Indie Dance Charts: #81 Dominator (Original Version)
Beatport Featured Release Banner Indie Dance
Beatport Best New Indie Dance: February 2020
Beatport Artist Charts Feature Indie Dance
Beatport Weekend Picks 7/2020 February 2020
Beatport Closing Essentials Indie Dance
Apple Music: Album Charts #8 (Latvia)
Junodownload Minimal / Tech House Charts: #6
Junodownload Minimal / Tech House Featured Release
iTunes Electronic Album Charts (Switzerland): #7 Dominator
iTunes Overall Album Charts (Switzerland): #145 Dominator
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (Russia): #115 Dominator (Theus Mago Remix)
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (Russia): #100 Dominator 
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (France): #98 Dominator (Bufi Remix)
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (Germany): #175 Dominator (Bufi Remix)
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (Germany): #18 Dominator
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (Portugal): #4 Dominator
iTunes Electronic Charts (Portugal): #69 Dominator

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