Theus Mago, Local Suicide – Technician

Artists:              Theus Mago & Local Suicide
Title:                  Technician (Part of Various Artist Compilation ‚Spektrum 2‘)
Label:                TAU
Distribution:   Paradise Distribution
Cat No:             TAU 16
Format:            Cassette / Digital
Release Date:  June 5th, 2020

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Compilation Info:

It’s been a year since the Adana Twins unveiled the first Spektrum compilation on their highly-regarded TAU label, now they’re back with the second bumper installment. The guys have been hard at work A&Ring brand new music for this mammoth collection featuring 16 very special cuts from an array of artists, friends and family connected to TAU, all of whom embody the label’s emotive, forward-thinking ethos. Since TAU launched, it has established a strong identity focused on delivering emotion to the dance floor through compelling, often hypnotic, productions that incorporate elements of new wave, house and techno to present a distinct audio aesthetic. The Adana Twins have assembled a talented collective of artists around the label, each one bringing their own voice to the platform and elevating the energy of dance floors across the world…

Spektrum 2 begins with Underspreche’s ‘My Beloved’, an oscillating journey into the wonder of sound. The undulating bassline combines with snappy beats and mystical elements to create a mesmerising atmosphere, which peaks with an electrifying breakdown punctuated by a life-af- firming vocal. Next is the label bosses themselves, Adana Twins, with ‘Room II’. This one oozes funk as whiplash percussion supports a b-line that’s full of bounce. A haunting motif adds emotive drama, while a spinetingling melody boosts the eerie feel of this one. Frenchy INVŌKER steps up next with ‘Tōkyō’, a heady composition shrouded in mysterious allure. A patient build up ensures you’re feeling ready to release some tension by the time this one reaches its first breakdown and sends us head first into the main body of the track. Tribalesque beats keep it rolling as a menacing low end adds venom, juxtaposed with gentle chimes. Four tracks in we have Radeckt’s slinky cut ‘Ways Of Evolution’, a multi-lay- ered tune that never seems busy despite the variety of sounds it incorporates. Organic instrumentation sits alongside electronic beats giving this one a contemporary Persian feel, ease back and let the mystical desert vibes drift over you.

Enzo Elia’s ‘Pensees’ is next, keeping things on the darker side. An air of menace permeates through this cut, with soft, soulful vocals floating in the background adding depth. From the vicious bassline to the unsettling breakdown, tensions rise and implode sending us back into the waves of darkside synth. An old friend follows Enzo with Ruede Hagelstein delivering ‘Aschera’, a typically distinct cut with a moody bassline comple- mented by idiosyncratic motifs that dance around the top end with glee. Then we have Th3 Oth3R & Luke Garcia who bring us ‘Übermut’. A symphony of sounds get this one off to an emotive start, a muted b-line juddering way down low, which unfurls after the intro giving you a reason to dance. Th3 Oth3R & Luke Garcia up the ante, modulating the bass to make it snarl with malice, the drama-tinged breakdown is sure to cause uproar wherever this is played. Goom Gum’s ‘Flora’ marks the halfway point for the release, eight tracks deep, eight more to go. This one makes use of a hypnotic vocal clip and an entrancing melody to really get your pulse racing. Adrenaline will be pumping and emotions running high as Gum’s track encourages you to let loose and be absorbed by its mystical flow…

Still with us?… Now it’s the second half.

Ede invites us into his world with ‘Vertikal’, an ominous cut that emanates a feeling of dread while simultaneously making you dance. Ede’s inspired use of synth lines that increase in velocity and pitch sends shivers down your spine, keeping the energy levels percolating throughout. Theus Mago and Local Suicide then team up for ‘Technician’, a marauding track that features a warped vocal refrain, chopped up and pep- pered in amongst a dense soundscape full of distinctive sounds and effects. Powerful. Mexican Iñigo Vontier’s contribution is ‘Cougars & Drums’, an apt title for a percussion-heavy cut that utilises indigenous sounding wind instruments and melodies to add a localised perspective. Then Skatman gives us a slice of future funk with ‘Neo’. Get ready to lose yourself in the groovy b-line and acid flecks as we’re transported into the cosmos where unexplored terrain and unknown beings tempt us to escape life on Earth.

Following on from ‘Neo’, it’s ‘Serotonin’ by The Organism. As the title suggests, this one is sure to provoke feelings of euphoria, encouraging a warm glow all over your body, emanating from the inside out. The pulsating bassline is complemented by mysterious chimes and a reversed vocal clip. Get ready for a cataclysmic breakdown, woosh! Spanish boy wonder KID SIMIUS steps up next with ‘Ford Granada’ Named after a famous car from the seventies, this one splices an upbeat melody with a downcast low end, using plenty of layers to create depth and sucking you into its contagious rhythm. When we get to the main breakdown, it’s party time, so dust off those dancing shoes and let’s boogie like it’s 1974… Biesmans delivers the penultimate cut entitled ‘Wild Wild World’, a driving composition full of emotional depth and nuance. Biesmans does a sterling job of building this one up, adding more and more elements to the arrangement to create an utterly captivating composition. Finally Echonomist closes this epic compilation with ‘16 Days’. In typical Echonomist style he sends us home with our hearts a flutter, full of positive energy and good memories. ‘16 Days’ is designed for lovers, best friends, comrades, dance floor buddies… anyone and everyone who’s ready to enjoy a special moment with a fellow human being.

Phew! And there it is, 16 impeccable cuts from the second Spektrum Various Artists compilation, as TAU further cements its untainted reputa- tion for emotive dance floor music of the highest quality…


01. Underspreche – My Beloved 02. Adana-Twins – Room II
03. INVŌKER – Tōkyō
04. Radeckt – Ways Of Evolution 05. Enzo Elia – Pensees
06. Ruede Hagelstein – Aschera
07. Th3 Oth3r & Luke Garcia – Übermut
08. Goom Gum – Flora
09. Ede – Vertikal
10. Theus Mago & Local Suicide – Technician 11. Iñigo Vontier – Cougars & Drums
12. Skatman – Neo
13. The Organism – Serotonin
14. KID SIMIUS – Ford Granada
15. Biesmans – Wild Wild World
16. Echonomist – 16 Days

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