Mijo, Local Suicide – Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch EP

Artists: MijoLocal Suicide
Title: Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch EP
Label: Roam Recordings
Cat No: RoM060

Format: 12″ / Digital
Release Date: July 20th, 2018


Side A
01. Edo Kai Tora (Original Version)
02. Edo Kai Tora (Sascha Funke Remix)

Side B
03. Ganz Falsch (Original Version)
04. Ganz Falsch (Simple Symmetry Remix)

Digital Exclusives:
05. Edo Kai Tora (Mexico City Version)
06. Edo Kai Tora (Sascha Funk Extended Remix)

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EP Info:

Mexican Dj & producer Mijo and Berlin duo Local Suicide collide in a wonderfully fresh and inventive collaboration on their latest EP ‚Edo Kai Tora/Ganz Falsch‚. Local Suicide, comprised of couple Brax Moody (Munich) and Vamparela (Thessaloniki), weaves in their signature blend of Post-Disco, New Wave, Jacking Acid, and Slow Dark Techno while Mijo injects his own stylings of the Latin Techno that he helped to define and create.

The result is a spacious, energetic, and stunning product from start to finish. As the latest installment from San Francisco-based label Roam Recordings, which specializes in Dark Disco, Post Techno, EBM, and Acid, ‚Edo Kai Tora/Ganz Falsch‚ is an impressive sonic feat that will leave you dancing all night.The EP opens with the original ‚Edo Kai Tora‚, an infectious uptempo track with hypnotic, oscillating synths and an undeniable groove. Greek Vamparela of Local Suicide brings her voice to the track. The result is a sultry, spoken vocal that repeats the resounding phrase ‚Edo Kai Tora‚, which in Greek translates into ‚Here And Now‘. The words themselves couldn’t be more fitting to the overall feel of the project, which has an extremely ‚in the moment‘ sensibility to it. In ‚Ganz Falsch‚, Mijo and Local Suicide revitalize the electronic boogie, keeping things light and fun with a warbling bass hook juxtaposed with a playful, spitting rhythmic vocal.Supporting the EP, Berlin-based DJ/Producer Sascha Funke along with Moscow Duo Simple Symmetry lend their talents to create standout reinterpretations of both title tracks. Where Sascha Funke fleshes out the darker, cosmic undertones of ‚Edo Kai Tora‚, Simple Symmetry mix in an extra kick of pop and funk sensibilities to the project by layering rhythmic, post-punk garage style guitars into ‚Ganz Falsch‚, bringing to mind the underground indie rock scene of Southern California. The project comes to a delightful close with an additional digital bonus track – an energetic dance version of ‚Ganz Falsch‚.As a whole, the EP is an electric, collaborative accomplishment of unique sonic character, versatile and exemplifying the best of each producers creative talents. ‚Edo Kai Tora/Ganz Falsch‚ is set for release this July 20thunder Roam Recordings.

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FAZE, Groove, DJ Mag IT, Tsugi,

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Selected DJ Quotes:
„grrrreat music!“ CHLOÉ (LUMIÈRE NOIRE)
Like the tunes!RED AXES (Disco Halal / Garzen)
Great Ep!ARNAUD REBOTINI (Black Strobe)
NICE ONE!“ JENNIFER CARDINI (Correspondant Records)
Killlllerrrr!!“ AERA (Innervisions / Hivern Discs)
„Love the whole recordPEREL (DFA)
„Dope as always“ MY FAVORITE ROBOT (Crosstown Rebels / Life & Death)

Selected Press Quotes:

„…from dark disco to EBM, jacking acid, and warped post-punk“ XLR8R

„…electronic boogie with an arpeggiated bass line and chopped vocals that Moscow duo Simple Symmetry turns into a post-punk anthem“ DJ MAG IT

„…sharper than a hypodermic needle fresh from a bag, it’s going to tattoo your eardrums and make your soul dance until its feet bleed or fall off. In a good way, obviously.“ 44,100 HZ SOCIAL CLUB

„…Ganz Falsch is a properly neon-lit nu-disco jam, that’s bound to get you boogying right into the stratosphere“ JUNO

„…It is the voice of Vamparela that turns the goth /dark beat of Mijo into a cult anthem. Big proof of the no wave/ dark explosion that is happening in Greece at the moment.“ AVOPOLIS

„…finest Electro Boogie which playfully references electronica, new wave and spheric synths“ FAZE

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Jennifer Cardini, Chloé, Arnaud Rebotini, Acid Washed, Robert Owens, andhim, Lena Willikens, Damon Jee, Acid Pauli, Âme, Aera, Red Axes, V, Mystery Affair, Shir Khan, Don Rimini, Il Est Vilaine, Noah Pred, Patrick Selzer, Moderna, Jonny Cruz, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Nadja Lind, Clark Davis, RSS Disco, Daniel Nitsch, Perel, Franz Matthews, Lars Tuncay, Christian Schmidt, Marc O’Neil, Manuel Lauro, Martin Saupe, Elektro Uwe, Axel Karakasis, Echonomist, Sobek, Sasha Carassi, Luigi Madonna, Markantonio, Fabio Giannelli, Olderic, Dodi Palese, I-Robots, Modular Project, Serial Experiments, Tom Wheeler, Liquid Youth, Switchdance, Shawn Reynaldo, DJ Javimar, Rob Warner, Ximo Noguera, Yoikol, Richard Rossa, Mimetic, Slam, John Digweed, Sasha, Ross Telford, Paul Budd, Soft Rocks, Last Waltz, Radio Slave, Duncan Gray, Echoplex, Louk, Art Jefferson, Ste Knight, Damian Lazarus, Alexi Delano, Robert Owens, Rob Sperte, Harry Ruffner, Duke Shin, Jonathan Barnes, Jon Pareles,…

Chart Results/Store Coverage:
Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco Release Charts: #19 Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch EP
Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco Best New Release Staff Picks: #1 Edo Kai Tora (Sascha Funke Remix)
Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco Single Charts: #19 Ganz Falsch (Simple Symmetry Remix)
Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco Single Charts: #20 Edo Kai Tora (Sascha Funke Remix)
Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco Single Charts: #95 Ganz Falsch (Original Version)
Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco Single Charts: #81 Edo Kai Tora (Original Version)
Beatport Opening Tracks August 2018: #10 Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch EP
Beatport Best New Indie Dance / Nu Disco August 2018: #17 Edo Kai Tora (Sascha Funke Remix)
Juno Download Minimal /Tech House Release Charts: #3 Edo Kai Tora (Original Version)
Juno Download Staff Selection: #7 Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch EP
Juno Recommends Minimal / Tech House August 2018:  Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch EP
Juno Minimal / Tech House Selection July 2018: Edo Kai Tora / Ganz Falsch EP
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (Germany): #174 Edo Kai Tora (Original Version)
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (Sweden): #10 Edo Kai Tora (Sascha Funke Remix)
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (South Africa): #15 Edo Kai Tora (Sascha Funke Remix)
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (France): #110 Ganz Falsch (Original Version)
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (Costa Rica): #26 Ganz Falsch (Mexico City Version)
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (Costa Rica): #27 Ganz Falsch (Simple Symmetry Remix)
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (Italy): #71 Ganz Falsch (Simple Symmetry Remix)
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (Switzerland): #32 Ganz Falsch (Simple Symmetry Remix)
iTunes Electronic Single Charts (Russia): #174 Ganz Falsch (Simple Symmetry Remix)

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