Mixtape: Sexy Dinosaur From Outer Space Mix #172 with Local Suicide

In anticipation of our first gig in Frankfurt next Saturday (Feb 15, 2020) for Sexy Dinosaur from Out Space we recorded a 1 hour mix with new tracks & remixes by Andres KomatsuFringe SocietyDC SalasJGRThe Emperor MachineZakminaThomass JacksonBĘÃTFÓØTRed AxesMarching MachinesFabrizio MammarellaCREDIT 00Sexy LazerKaktus Einarsson & Dor Danino.


Andres Komatsu – Static Advice (Fringe Society Remix)
The Populists – Prehistoric Lemurs
DC Salas – Give Up
JGR – Avalancha
The Emperor Machine – Moscow Not Safari
Zakmina – GTI
Thomass Jackson – Mithra
Beatfoot – Hasmal (Beatfoot and Red Axes Remix)
Marching Machines – Lonesome (Fabrizio Mammarella Das Blue Mix)
Credit 00 – Streets
Sexy Lazer & Kaktus Einarsson – Austrian Hairlines
Dor Danino – Ciara