Mixtape: Mixmag Turkey #YOUCANSTILLLISTEN Mix Series: #2 Local Suicide

Our friends at Mixmag Turkey asked us to do a mix for their new YOUCANSTILLLISTEN series. Check out this full on dance floor set for your corona party!

Mister Q – Red Axes
Obama – Dombrance
Rave Dave – Theus Mago
Next Stop Konstantinopel – DJ T
Zig Zag – Kalipo & Local Suicide
Disko Dakka (Club Fever, Part 1) – The Magician
Glossolalia – The Organism
HVC – Club Tularosa
Wunderbar (Mufti Remix) – Kalipo & Local Suicide
Walkman (Bufi remix) – Budakid
Paxillus – JGR
Impact feat. Alice de St Victor – Darlyn Vlys
Ghostdance – Cyence
Eating Knives (Local Suicide & Skelesys remix) – Jaroska